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Welcome to Pink Ladies Escorts Agency

Here at Pink Ladies Escorts Agency we pride ourselves in offering some of the finest Escorts and Companions in Newcastle and Gateshead.

A brief summary of some of the legal stuff

Pink Ladies Escorts Agency is simply that... an Agency whose sole purpose is to facilitate the introduction of Escorts and clients to each other.

Throughout our website, the terms 'Escort' and 'Companion' are used interchangeably. Both terms refer to basically the same service, as offered by the girls who are registered with us, and as outlined below and in our Terms and Conditions.

All the girls registered with us are professional Escorts and Companions of legal age, all of whom are strictly over the age of 18, and who are in full control over the times, locations and clients that they serve. They are free to accept or reject any appointment or client at their own discretion.

Pink Ladies Escorts do not work with any girls under the age of 18 years, nor do we entertain any clients under the age of 18 years.

When you make an appointment with a Pink Ladies Escort / Companion, you are paying for the Escorts time, friendship and companionship. We must emphasise that the girls are not bodies for the purpose of sexual gratification, and the fees paid are not for any kind of sexual service (our Terms and Conditions are very clear on this point and you should make sure to familiarise yourself with these).

Now, if you're still reading this, and you are looking for a mutually respectful connection or companionship with one of our lovely, friendly Escorts, you're in the right place and should keep reading.

Pink Ladies Escorts Service

We're glad you're still with us at this point, you're obviously the type of client that we and the girls could be happy serving.

Pink Ladies Escorts was formed by a group of like-minded and experienced former Escorts / Companions and clients (sometimes referred to as 'Punters'). As such we are fully respectful of both sides of the business and wish to do our bit to promote the benefits of the Escort/Companionship Industry.

As outlined in the 'legal stuff' section above, all our girls are independent women who know their own minds, and know what they like and dislike. We fully respect the girls' own individual decisions and choices to work as Escorts/Companions, and we will do our utmost to ensure the experiences of both our Escorts and their clients are mutually respectful and enjoyable. We will never ask any of the girls to do anything or meet with any client that makes them feel uncomfortable, this ensures that the girl(s) you are meeting with genuinely want to be with you during the time you are paying for.

At the time of registering with us, each girl completes a detailed Escort/Companion profile. This profile helps us to more accurately match the girls with their potential clients, thus also ensuring your experience with your chosen Escort(s) is second to none.

And as you can see from the links to the left and bottom of the page, we have a choice of Escorts with differing likes and dislikes to cater for various tastes.

The girls make their own choices on whether they offer Incall, Outcall, or both, types of appointments, which is clearly identified on their profiles. And if you're not familiar with the terminology a brief description of these types of appointments is given below.

Incall Appointments

Incall Appointments take place at a safe and discrete pre-allocated location, which may be the Escorts own premises or an alternative more suitable location.

Incall appointments often involve an intimate dinner date, watching a movie or TV, sharing conversation or other such activity.

Outcall Appointments

Outcall Appointments can take place outdoors, or at a public venue, such as a social gathering, restaurant etc.

As with any intimate date or similar social function, both types of appointments require varying degrees of preparation by the girls, whether this involves making themselves up and/or dressing appropriately for the occasion. So we simply request that consideration of this be made in the amount of notice given when you are booking an appointment. If the girl does not feel as though there is enough preparation time, she is within her rights to reject the booking, and we'd hate for you to be disappointed.

Pink Ladies Escorts Incall & Outcall Locations

Please note the following re Escort Locations:

Incall Locations;

We have Escorts available for Incall appointments in several areas of the North-East. The Escorts by Location list to the left shows the areas where Pink Ladies Escorts offer Incall services.

Most of our Escorts are able to travel to and meet you for Incalls in any of the areas listed, however some other Escorts might only be able or willing to cover some (but not all) of those areas.

The list shows which Escort is willing to travel to which area for Incall appointments.

Before booking an Incall appointment: Please check that the Escort you want to book is listed under your preferred location, if not then you may need to visit that Escort at a location where she is listed, otherwise please choose from one of the Escorts listed under your preferred location.

Outcall Locations;

Many of our Escorts are also available for Outcall appointments in other surrounding areas, usually within a range of approximately 30-60 minutes drive from Gateshead, Sunderland or Middlesborough. However, this is dependent on the Escort's willingness, driver availability, and the length of the booked appointment.

Allowing Travel Time;

In both Incall and Outcall appointments, you should state your preferred location and preferred Escort. We will then be able to advise you if your chosen Escort is available and already in that area or, if not, how long it will take for the Escort to travel to that area.

Alternatively, if your preferred Escort is not currently in your preferred area, or other appointments restrict the Escorts time, or our drivers are already fully booked around the requested booking time, you are always welcome to either travel to the Escort's current area, or choose another Escort from the list of Escorts for your preferred area.

Where an Escort needs to travel from one location to another location, depending on the times, driver availability and distance, you will need to allow sufficient driving time between those locations.

Booking Appointments with Pink Ladies Escorts

Why not have a browse through the profiles of our Incall Escorts and Outcall Escorts, and when you are ready to book an appointment with us call us on 07849 273 061 or 07564 984 438, between 9:30am & 10:00pm Monday to Sunday, to discuss the details of the appointment, check availability and make your booking*.

Please Note: No calls after 10:00pm. Withheld numbers will not be answered!

We're sure you'll appreciate that, as with all the girls and every appointment, safety is of the highest priority in our minds. We therefore ask that we be fully informed of the nature of and times/location(s) of all appointments at the time of booking.

* please remember that before contacting us to check availability and book an appointment, you must agree to our Terms and Conditions.



We are always looking to sign up new Escorts to our agency.

As you can see from the messages above, and in our Terms and Conditions, our stance on respecting the privacy, confidentiality, identity and safety of all our girls is stronger than many other agencies.

If you're an existing Escort looking for more clients, or you are an independent woman of legal age looking to become a self-employed Escort/Companion, we'd love for you to join our team.

Please get in touch on 07849 273 061 or 07564 984 438, between 9:30am & 10:00pm Monday to Sunday, and we will be happy to advise you further, discuss our agency fees and even put you in touch with one of our experienced Escorts who will be able to candidly answer any and all of your questions.


Punter Blacklist Checks

Pink Ladies Escorts, as part of our commitment to protecting Escorts, has not only subscribed to the National Ugly Mugs (NUM) scheme, we have also always maintained our own internal list of Punters who have needed to be blocked/blacklisted for a variety of reasons.

We are occasionally contacted by independent Escorts (who aren't working under the protection of an agency), and other local agencies, to share details of Punters they've had to block or ask about Punters who have raised their suspicions.

As this is becoming more and more common, and is proving to be a very important step towards protecting local Escorts generally, we realised we can't always be available on the phone 24-7-365 to share this valuable information. We therefore recently decided to make a version of this Punter Blacklist/Check system available on our website. Escorts and local agencies are welcome to register for and access this system anytime day or night 365 days a year.

Click here to access our Punter Blacklist/Check system


Pink Ladies Escorts would like you to note the following:

While Pink Ladies Escorts is an Escort Agency* connecting freelance Escorts with Clients, thereby facilitating an Escort-only service, we firmly believe in women's rights and the rights of women to choose their own career or employment paths.

* Our agency does not directly employ Escorts and all the Escorts who use our introduction service are freelance, and are free to make their own individual choices in the acceptance or refusal of clients and the extent of the Escort services they offer.

Even so, we are very concerned that the following proposal goes against our beliefs in women's rights and true equality and freedom of choice for all adults regardless of gender, age, ethnicity and/or disability...

SCOT-PEP is an organisation set up to promote health & dignity, and fight for social justice and inclusion. They have prepared the following statement and are asking for responses, by 14th December 2012 ***, from anyone who has an interest (positive or negative) in the subject outlined below:

Scotland is proposing to criminalise the purchase of sex, (The dreaded Swedish/Nordic solution to prostitution). Do you remember the smoking ban started in Scotland and was then swiftly implemented in England and Wales? If this dangerous legislation on sex work is implemented in Scotland, then there would be a good chance similar legislation will be proposed in England and Wales.

There is a consultation running until December 14th (*** deadline has now passed but it still makes interesting and poignant reading!). It is an open consultation, so anyone in the world can make their voice heard. So please don't let the radical feminists have their way, and leave sex workers with less income, leaving you with dangerous clients, and dangerous contact methods. The end demand rhetoric has harmed sexworkers in Sweden and Norway, and will harm you unless, YOU take action. You can make your submission anonymously. ESCORTS and CLIENTS should make their views known.

More information is available here at the There are template letters you can send, though writing your own letter with your own experiences is preferable. You can post or email your letter to Rhoda Grant MSP who is running this consultation.

You can call Scot Pep on 0131 622 7550 if you have any questions or concerns. You can email your letter to:, and copy us in at

or post it to:

Rhoda Grant MSP,
Room M1.06,
Scottish Parliament,
EH99 1SP

You can make your submission online at***. This is an anti sex work organisation. Of course there is no guarantee they will email the response, but I would like to point out how the opposition is out there getting support for their cause.


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